Fochert Katte Mix (English)

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Fochert Kattemix is a very good catfood

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DESCRIPTION Fochert Kattemix is a very good catfood, which contains all nutrients and microelements a cats needs for a healthy life. This product is developed that all ingredients, according to the AAFCO and NRC norms, are available for the cat.
The product is a very healthy and when you feed only this product the change of kidneystones are reduced to a minimun. This because the urine of the cat will have a ph from 6 till 6,5 when the cat only eats this product. With this ph no kidneystones will be created. The product also contains added lecithin, which helps the cat to digest all the fat, which is in the product. Fat is a main source of energy.
Because of the use of the best raw materials like fishmeal, greavesmeal and chicken meal the cat will have the best proteinsources which he can digest easily and because of the good balance between this raw mateirals the balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids is optimal. Because of the very good acceptance the cat likes to eat the product, so please watch out that the cat won’t eat too much.

COMPOSITION Cereals, vegetables products, fish and fish byproducts, meat and animal byproducts, minerals, oil and fats, vegetable protein extracts.PRESERVATION This bag should be properly closed an stored in a cool dry place.
Crude protein 31,0 %
Crude fat 12,0 %
Crude fibre 2,2 %
Crude ash 7,5 %
Moisture 10,0 %
Calcium 14,0 g/kg
Phosphorus 9,0 g/kg
Sodium 6,5 g/kg
Vitamin A 16.500 I.U.
Vitamin D3 1.900 I.U.
Vitamin E (dl -a- tocopherolacetate) 85 mg
Lecithine 5,0 g/kg
**Requeriments from AAFCO and NRC
Weight of dog Daily comsumption on food
2-4 kg 55-95 g
4-7 kg 95-145 g
Gestating cats 150-160 g
Lactanting cats 170-300 g

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