Fochert 30/20 Competition (english)

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Fochert 30/20 Competition is a product specially developed for active dogs

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DESCRIPTION Fochert 30/20 Competition is a product specially developed for active dogs.

COMPOSITION Cereals (14% rice), meat (26% poultry), vegetables products, minerals, oil and fats, fish, egg and yeast.

PRESERVATION This bag should be properly closed an stored in a cool dry place.

With Antioxidants BHA/BHT (E320/E321). Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty acids in an optimal ratio.

PRACTICAL GUIDELINES FOR FEEDING Dogs should eat more during cold weather and when doing mor exercise than normal. If they put on too much weight the amount given should be restricted and if they lose weight it should be increased. The recommended amounts are intented in all cases as orientative and should always be adapted to your pet’s weight. Food should always be given at the same time.

Crude protein 30,0 %
Crude fat 20,0 %
Crude fibre 2,5 %
Crude ash 8,0 %
Moisture 9,5 %
Calcium 17,5 g/kg
Phosphorus 13,5 g/kg
Sodium 3,0 g/kg
Vitamin A 22.000 I.U.
Vitamin D3 2.000 I.U.
Vitamin E (dl -a- tocopherolacetate) 190 mg
Copper 15 mg
Lecithine 5,0 g/kg
**Requeriments from AAFCO and NRC
Weight of dog Daily comsumption on food
1-3 kg 32-71 g
3-5 kg 71-103 g
5-10 kg 103-171 g
10-15 kg 171-230 g
15-20 kg 230-284 g
25-30 kg 335-383 g
35-40 kg 429-473 g
45-50 kg 516-557 g
55-60 kg 597-637 g
65-70 kg 675-713 g
75-80 kg 750-787 g


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